North Swell Paddle Club Membership

North Swell Paddle Club Membership


2022 Club membership fee

$ 50.00 Adult


Membership includes:

Your choice of weekly recreational paddle groups at a number of locations including Calgary, Ghost Lake, and Canmore. Occasional group trips down the Bow, and the Kananaskis rivers are also going to frequently happen.  Each recreational get together will include some form of warm up, tip/skill, and fun paddle. 

Priority access to clinics and camps 

Discounted clothing, stickers, other gear

Once you are a member of the club, you can try out for/apply for development program and the elite team. Disciplines covered will include distance racing/endurance racing, technical/surf racing, sprinting, and SUP cross/whitewater. 

FEES are used to fun junior and elite development teams and help with transportation and race entries for juniors. They are also used for coaches and equipment. Extra funds will enter the club account and can be applied for by members. (if you are racing you can apply for race entry coverage). 

Membership options