14' x 20"
Hopefully I'll be able to review all of the products from NSP as I get to use them.
First of all my background has been on mostly flat water in the Prairies including the beautiful lakes and rivers of Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Occasionally, I make it out to the West Coast, where my favorite place is North Vancouver and Squamish. 
All these places have one thing in common, FLAT water. There is occasionally some wind and bumps, but this is the exception. In this type of water, the displacement hull and recessed deck of the Ninja are perfect. The board is light weight fast etc.
What objective info do I have? this is the key to comparing boards. 
Last year, we were holding a virtual race in Canmore on the reservoir, a very flat body of water. It was a 2.9km course with one 180 degree turn at the halfway point. I tested out the Fanatic Blitz, Fanatic Strike, the Starboard Sprint, the NSP Carolina, NSP Puma, and NSP Ninja. Each of the boards were 14', and all of them were between 20" wide and 23.5" wide. So across the board they were pretty close. I raced in equal conditions everytime and gave my all everytime which always included a warm up. So, the results:
NSP Ninja 14 x 20                    17:26
NSP Carolina 14 x 21.5            19:10
NSP Puma 14 x 21.5                19:12
Fanatic Blitz 14 x 23.5              18:47
Fanatic Strike 14 x 21.5            18:52
Starboard Sprint 14 x 21.5        18:35
It is a stable, quick, light, beautiful board. I love it. 

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